Shakti yoga dance workshop

Shakti Dance® is een vorm van kundalini yoga waar muziek, dans en beweging centraal staan. Tijdens een Shakti Dance® yogales of workshop worden vloeiende, ritmische bewegingen gebruikt om lichaam, geest en ziel in balans te brengen. We tunen-in met ons lichaam om ons ware zelf te ervaren. We combineren adem, beweging, mantra's en mindfulness om onze creativiteit en authenticiteit te uiten.


The divine reality is the true source of happiness, prosperity and bliss. Through connection with our souls inner wisdom we can feel and express where there is serenity and deep inner relaxation.

In a crystal clear dream state we dive into beautiful flowing movements, breathing and mandala meditations. We make connection with our immanent grace, power and creative flow. Tuning our body as an instrument to return to the place of our true nature, beauty, self-worth and self-love. We harmonize our system with a healing and very personal dance.

Dancing the dream of the soul 

fly like an eagle - flying so high

circling the universe on wings of pure light 

swim like a dolphin - diving so deep

spiraling the universe on fins of pure love...

Abiola Fatehmeet

has West African-European roots, a sunny temperament and a powerful joy of movement, reflected in her expressive dance ability. She is a deeply spiritual Kundalini Yoga Teacher and Shakti Dance® Lead Teacher Trainer, Cranio Sacral therapist, healer and soul dancer. She lives with her 2 children and partner in Germany and teaches internationally.


Costs: 125 € 

Date: 14 maart 10 - 17u en 15 maart 10 - 16u

Please bring a yoga mat and a blanket

All levels are welcome